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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings OMERO/HIC Meetings 2011.10.14


Attending: Jason, Simon, Elwood, Andy


  • Two Week Review
  • Current 2 week plan
    • Complete first pass aliasing support -- Simon & Elwood
    • Close last 2 tickets under #6446 -- Simon
    • Continue coding & closing tickets under #6165 particularly data export -- Simon
    • NB. At this point we should have a first, quite narrow, horizontal pass through the auditing system from point of project export to point of researcher usage.


  • Simon, Elwood, Jason, Andy


  • what up to
    • Scott up to speed: django & the OMERO way
    • Demo data up to 1.2 million rows
    • Is scott happy with that/progress
  • Meet HIC folk in two weeks or so
    • NB. change over Andy to a. n. other at HIC
    • Priorities at HIC
      • 2nd OMERO dataset silo/NHS mirror
  • From #6165
    • how would the researcher use the exported CSV?
    • priorities over tasks from #6165 (1st) #6139 and related export tickets #6206 & #6207
    • then #6137 to standardise table display & pagination
  • Have a software demonstrator for the next steering committee meeting
  • If agenda'd tickets are completed in next 2 weeks -- what is next priority to come to the next steering committee meeting with? what will sell the projec to HIC?
    • Andy - focus on targets from 1-pager as is a good description of high-level goals
    • Josh here week of 7th Nov, busy 8th & 9th, possible meeting on 10th.


  • Andy: Continue getting data/datasets/releases
  • Dundee Omero Team: Talk with Josh on Tuesday re: Gianluigi
  • Scott: talk with Will & Ola about Django/OMERO development
  • Simon & Scott: Tickets from agenda
  • Simon: Auditing wishlist ticket #6454
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