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OMERO.mtools overview

OMERO.mtools - an image analysis toolbox for OMERO


OMERO.mtools is a suite of MATLAB-based tools which allow you to perform common image analysis tasks on images stored in an OMERO.server. OMERO.mtools has its own GUI and only requires an installation of MCR (MATLAB Compiler Runtime) to run. It was developed by Michael Porter in Prof Jason Swedlow's laboratory at the University of Dundee.

Tools include:

Intensity Measure - measure intensities of 2D/3D objects in up to 4 color channels.

Distance Measure - measure the distance between objects in 2D/3D.

Box It - speed up drawing rectangular ROIs in 3D. Features an 'autodraw' function to quickly capture all objects detected.

Event Timer - accurately time events captured within ROIs.

FRAP - uses ROIs to calculate FRAP data from movies.

Tweak ROIs - easily adjusts the position of ROIs over time.

Label Images - create and count categories of objects across Z and T.

Create Kymograph - cut out a region of your movie and create an image of it changing over time.

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