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Feature List

New Features in OMERO 5.3

ROI Folders
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Organize ROIs into hierarchical folders for viewing and analysis.
LookUp Table support
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You can now select a LookUp Table for your data in the UI.
New Wells UI
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You can now annotate Wells in the clients and view them in a new Grid View.
Open With...
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Custom plugins can be launched via OMERO.web.
Reverse intensity rendering
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You can now reverse or invert image intensity.
Histogram support
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Clients now support histograms.

OMERO 5 Features

Import | Organize | Metadata | View | Analyze | Export | Utility functions


Import images
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Import images from microscope, graphics and other imaging formats, using the OMERO.insight client.
Supported file formats
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OMERO imports all the formats read by Bio-Formats including microscopy, HCS, tissue scanner and graphics file formats. Over 140 in total.
Improved performance
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Stream-lined backend import process uploads large datasets such as HCS and SPIM. much faster.
Original file formats
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OMERO.server now uploads, exports, and stores files in their original file format.
File integrity reports
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Import process checks uploaded files aren't corrupted giving extra confidence that they are safely stored.
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Full-fledged "DropBox" — allows automatic import from a defined directory of all supported file formats.
Command Line Import
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Use the command line to import images into OMERO
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Group owners and sysadmins can import data for other users in that group, which they will then own.
Reduced storage requirements
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Import process doesn't duplicate pixel data so storage requirements are roughly halved compared with 4.4 import & original file archiving.


Manage and organize
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Manage, organize and delete images within Projects and Datasets.
Improved searching
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Functionality of search has been improved in both clients.
Browse & View Images
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Browse and View Images remotely on cross-platform software.
OMERO permissions functionality allows users to share data within groups of scientists and collaborate on their data.
Browse multiple groups and move data between them. Group owners have extra capabilities.
Annotate Data
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Annotate your data with descriptions, comments, file attachments, tags or rating.
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Share sets of images with other users and have a conversation about the data.


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Browse image acquisition metadata in OMERO.insight and OMERO.web.
Model updates
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5.1 added support for units and new more flexible user-added metadata.
Improved UI for metadata
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Updates to right hand pane of the UI for improved display of extensive metadata and annotations.


View Images
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Browse thumbnails, Image previews and open a Full image viewer in OMERO.web and OMERO.insight. Includes 'split-channel' view and Z-projection.
Complex multidimensional datasets
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Improved support in the clients and via Bio-Formats 5.
Improved web UI
The OMERO.web client has had a face-lift, with various usability enhancements too
Rendering settings
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Improvements in rendering settings workflow especially in OMERO.web.
Big Images
OMERO supports large images, with infrastructure and viewers to support panning and zooming
HCS data
HCS data can be viewed in a Screen / Plate / Well hierarchy in the OMERO.insight and OMERO.web clients.


Draw ROIs
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Draw ROIs across multiple dimensions and measure pixel intensity.
ImageJ/Fiji plugin
You can import images and save ROIs and overlays from ImageJ/Fiji into OMERO.
Attaching analytical results
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Better support for attaching analytical results.
Scripting Service
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Write Python scripts to add functionality to the OMERO.server. Share your scripts with the community.
Python Blitz API
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The Python 'Blitz' Gateway provides an easy-to-use API for OMERO making it easier to work with your data in Python.
Image Processing
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The Scripting Service can be used to add image processing and analysis functionality to the OMERO server.
Tabular Data support
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HDF-based storage of measurement results with an API for exporting to Excel using OMERO.tables.


Figure Export
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Export your data as figures for presentation.
Export Images
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Export whole Images as OME-TIFFs or other supported formats.
Export to ImageJ
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Export any image as OME-TIFF or connect to OMERO with the ImageJ plugin to open images in ImageJ


Manage users & groups
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Server administrators can add and manage users and groups with the admin tools.
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Sysadmins can use a new GUI to email users from the server.
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New asynchronous Delete infrastructure with much improved performance and lower memory requirements.
Command Line
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Many OMERO functions can be accessed from the command line (also see Import above).
ImageJ plugin
The ImageJ plugin includes the whole OMERO.insight client.
Quality Assurance
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Feedback system that allows users to send comments, bugs, or data files, and to track responses and updates.
Demo server
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Take the advantage of OMERO platform and ask for a free Demo Account here.
LDAP support
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The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) support.
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Edit your account details and upload your photo to personalise your account.
Feedback & support
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Full documentation and user support on forum and mailing lists.
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