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ImageJ plugin for OME Server

This is a Legacy product, for the current ImageJ plugin for OMERO see the downloads page

ImageJ is a public domain image analysis program written by Wayne Rasband of NIH. We have created ImageJ plugins for interacting with an OME database, including the ability to upload images to the database, as well as search, browse, and download images from it, using the OME-Java API for remote access to OME.

OME plugin

The OME plugins were written by Melissa Linkert based on code originally by Phil Huettl.


The "Download from OME or OMERO" plugin is capable of accessing an OME Perl or OMERO database and searching it for images matching the specified criteria. It brings up a list of matches through which the user can browse, and select which to actually download. It is capable of downloading both pixels and some associated metadata.

The "Upload to OME" plugin uploads pixel data to an OME Perl database.


This is a legacy product, so we can provide only limited support.


You can download '''ome_tools.jar''' from the Bio-Formats downloads page. The license is GPL. You will also need to download '''loci_tools.jar'''.


Place both '''ome_tools.jar''' and '''loci_tools.jar''' in your ImageJ plugins folder. To access the plugins, choose "Download from OME" or "Upload to OME" from the OME submenu of ImageJ's Plugins menu.

The OME plugins will communicate with OME server 2.6.0 or newer. They will not work properly with OME 2.4.0.

The OME plugins can also download images from OMERO 3.0 beta 3, but will not work with other (older or newer) versions.

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