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Custom Annotations

HTML Templates - Introduction

OME allows bench biologists to easily define their own vocabulary and interfaces for image annotation. Category Groups and Categories are OME's implementation of a user-defined vocabulary. Look here and here for a more thorough explanation of Category Groups, Categories, and classification.

Templates are HTML files with limited logic that are attached to Perl scripts. The power of templates stems from the fact that users do not even have to approach the embedded Perl code to customize layout. They can simply create their own HTML templates by selecting which Category Groups they would like to use. The templates are then automatically generated, and the user can edit the files as much as they wish.

Templates allow an OME user to easily create customized Image Database applications for data entry (annotation), searching (browsing), and display. The current interface allows annotation by Category Groups.

Browsing allows you to view your images based on Category Group annotations that you have done. Display provides a close-up view of an image and tells you which Category Groups it belongs to.

Please note that this functionality is available from OME version 2.4.1.

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