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Conceptual Framework

This section provides a description of the conceptual framework on which OME is built. In one sense, OME is a concrete open-source application to aid the acquisition, analysis, and visualization of biological microscope images. However, in another sense, OME is just a logical system for organizing the scientific process as regards image microscopy. While the information presented in this section will be most useful to new users and developers of our OME application, it is also valuable as an introduction to this organizational system.

Many terms in this document correspond to similar terms in the related fields of computer science, image and signal processing, and biology. However, these disciplines have conflicting names for some of these concepts. Therefore, readers may find that a term’s meaning in OME differs from the usual meaning in their field. In a cross-disciplinary product such as OME, this is inevitable and impossible to work around. We take care to explicitly state what each of these terms means in OME. A glossary of these terms is also provided.

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