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OME Server

Currently at revision 2.6.1, the OME server is a Perl-based system for visualising, managing, and analysing microscope images and metadata. It includes a web browser interface, a threshold segmentation and tracking application (called "findSpots"), a MatLab interface, support for VisBio, LDAP, Bio-Formats and much more. It is available as source code and pre-compiled binaries.

The OME server while functional is no longer under active development. If you are a new user you can read a comparison of the two servers to see if you still want to install the OME server.

Server infrastructure and web interface: 2.6.1 September 24, 2007
Server infrastructure and web interface (MacOS X): 2.6.1 September 24, 2007
Java user interface (Generic): 2.4.1 May 26, 2005
Java user interface (MacOS X): 2.4.1 May 26, 2005

Release/Install Notes

There are full release history is available here and there are installation instructions, including platform specific instructions [here]/site/support/legacy/ome-server/installation).


The source code is also available as a dump of the Subversion repository from the code folder.

Important — Please be aware that when you install using a SVN checkout that Autotools (specifically Automake/Autoconf) are required. More information can be found here.

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