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System overview

The OME system is made up of several distinct parts, not all of which are necessary for a valid OME installation. This section contains on overview of each of these parts, and how they fit together into a working system.

Figure 1: System overview

OME's design follows a standard client-server architecture. A single installation of OME will usually be used for an entire laboratory or department. The data and metadata for the images in an OME installation are stored on a centralized server. Separate server programs are used to access the metadata and the binary pixel data. OME administrators can choose to place these server programs on the same machine, or on separate machines, depending on their particular needs and resources.

User access to the OME data is provided by one of two user interfaces. One is a light-weight Web-based interface, which can be accessed from any computer with a standard Web browser. The second is a Java interface. This client provides more functionality than the Web interface, but must be installed separately on each client computer.

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