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OMERO.webtagging overview

Documentation for OMERO.webtagging


OMERO.webtagging is the umbrella name for tools developed to enhance use of text annotations (tags) in OMERO. There are two tools at present, autotag and tagsearch.

You can find a detailed user help guide here on our User Help site.


This information is for OMERO.webtagging version 3.0 which is compatible with OMERO 5.3.x only. If you are using an earlier OMERO version, please refer to the documentation for earlier versions.


omero-webtagging-autotag and omero-webtagging-tagsearch are now available from PyPI. Before installing for the first time from PyPI, it is recommended to remove the existing autotag and tagsearch directories.


As web extensions for the OMERO.web client, installation is done by a systems administrator and will then be available to all users of that server. Adding the webtagging extensions is very easy, as you can see below in "Installing from PyPI". To install only one of the tools (for example just "autotag" or just "tagsearch"), ignore the instructions that relate to the other.


Python 2.7+

OMERO 5.3+

Installing from PyPI

This section assumes that an OMERO.web is already installed.

  • Install the apps using pip:

    $ pip install omero-webtagging-autotag

    $ pip install omero-webtagging-tagsearch

  • Add custom apps to your installed web apps:

    $ path/to/bin/omero config append omero.web.apps '"omero_webtagging_autotag"' # Note the double quotes

    $ path/to/bin/omero config append omero.web.apps '"omero_webtagging_tagsearch"' # Note the double quotes

  • Add autotag configuration option to enable the auto-tag UI in the central panel of the webclient:

    $ path/to/bin/omero config append omero.web.ui.center_plugins '["Auto Tag", "omero_webtagging_autotag/auto_tag_init.js.html", "auto_tag_panel"]'

  • Add tagsearch configuration option to add a link to the top navigation bar of the webclient:

    $ path/to/bin/omero config append omero.web.ui.top_links '["Tag Search", "omero_webtagging_tagsearch"]'

  • Now restart OMERO.web as normal.

Feedback, Bugs, etc.

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has problems, suggestions or feedback via github's issue reporting feature.

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