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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2012 2012-05-21


Attending: Chris, Emma, Ola, Will, Scott, Gus, Carlos


List of active branches.

To discuss:


  2. Testing

  3. (5 min) #8234 Web: groups & user. NOT 4.4.0 webclient!

    • AWAITING #8567 Additional changes to the gateway
  4. (5 min) #8434 CHMOD

    • Testing results?
    • Ola: #8438 changePermission in Webadmin
  5. (5 min) Model changes

    • #8508 Logical channel changes in Web/Python
    • #8084 ROI changes in Web/Python
  6. (5 min) Others:



    • Everyone is ok with those tickets. We will review them tomorrow morning.
  2. Testing

    • ACTION Scott/Gus are going to ticket remaining issues not handled already.
    • ACTION Ola will generate query to show what was fixed.
  3. (5 min) Model changes

    • Will: found few blockers related to rendering engine. Mostly I am trying to fix what is broken rather then running integration tests.
    • Colin: I am fixing integration tests now.
  4. Scope of tests.

    • Chris: do we have any CHMODE based test?
    • Ola: #8438 changePermission in Webadmin only
    • Chris: I do not know if you guys test any move data between groups.
    • Emma: In insight it is done by "move" (not "copy"), in web by the separate action.
    • Chris: All ROI tests should be arrange for Web as well (excluding edit,delete what is currently not in place)
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