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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2012 2012-03-25


Attending: Josh, Emma, Ola, Scott, Gus, Will, Dom, Carlos


List of active branches.

List of active Pull Requests.

To discuss:

  1. (5 min) #6342 Decorators, connection, error handling, etc.

  2. (5 min) #7095 JavaScript overhaul

    • google doc v2 Final clenaup
    • Javascript files updated in 7105_js_lib_update
    • Carlos: could you look at #7141, #7142, #7144, #7143, #7145, #7140, #7139 (jquery UI upgrade incompatibility)
    • Carlos: what is your branch with JS fixes?
  3. (5 min) #7339 tidying up centre panel tabs

    • Plugins for centre and right panels
    • Pretty much ready for PR. Just needs sanity check etc!
  4. Dom's UI changes (on top of 7339_tabs branch)

  5. (5 min) #7984 HIC update to latest code base

  6. (5 min) #8234 Web: groups & user.

    • #8258 refactoring
    • #8259 loading data by ajax refactoring
  7. (5 min) UI changes.

    • Scott/Dom: Usability backlog for web review.
  8. (5 min) Others:

    • #7202 Unittests review. some changes in 7202_unittest_review
    • #6461 - Is this story still relevant/needed? If not, can someone close it please. (Josh)


  1. (5 min) UI changes.

    • Scott: I've been through all the tickets. We have a list of tickets todo. Some of them needs to be checked with DOM's new layout. We closed as much as we could mostly related to top bar and left hand panel. I need to know id share and admin panel was going to be done. Rest of them are pending for Chris and Dom's decision about what we can/can't do in the remaining time before release.

    • Emma: We had discussion about how to incorporate usability team backlog. General idea is to turn into tickets feedback from training rather than making stories presented into the relevant groups. Threshold on usability tickets: if we get too many (like bugs) we will have a specific sprint.

    • Scott: Trying to identify what we could produce, like index page, homepage, 404 pages if we could have that ready for you, to know what you code up (i.e. ones that don't deviate from definition of milestone and don't add extra functionality and work).

    • Will: have to ask Dom what he's thinking for the home page. SWe might do something like insight, i.e. homepage is "Data" and home/history becomes "most recent activities" page.

    • Dom: ideally me and Chris were discussing severals ideas about homepage. all based on notification up and running, but it is very unlikely in this release Home page in 4.4 we will redirect to data.

    • Ola: We are talking about two things here: index page and home page.

    • Will: with the latest integration improvement/possibility there is less urgency of the index page.

    • Ola: Do we really need it now? cF. webstart

    • ACTION Scott will put the list of usability tickets in notes of this meeting to make sure everyone know what we are talking about.

      • (discussed after the meeting) Scott will organise the meeting with web-team to discuss the above tickets to discuss priorities for 4.4 and 4.4.1
  2. (5 min) #6342 Decorators, connection, error handling, etc.

    • Ola: Will is testing branch on Gretzky. If anyone notices anything, connection, timeout issues please create a bug.

    • Josh: Would be good idea to go do a scenario

    • Will: True, handful of scenarios might be a good idea.

    • Will: might try setting session timeout to something smaller (1-2 min)

    • Ola: Please keep in mind ajax handler branch is also integrated. If there is any error while you browse through data, etc. you should see feedback. On timeout you should be redirected to the login page.

    • Josh: Does Carlos have selenium tests?

    • Will: Probably only on viewer

    • Josh: Testing using anonymous user

    • ACTION Will will set session timeout to 1 minute to perform testing better and more accurate.

    • ACTION Ola: anonymous user will happen in the second stage

    • ACTION Q: Carlos, do you have selenium tests for connection? Which branch you are/were working on?

  3. (5 min) #7095 JavaScript overhaul

    • Ola: Pretty good on this. on gretzky. Haven't seen any more red-link in firebug

    • Ola: Will asked Scott about testing. Testing should be associated with turning on firebug to identify not loaded entities.

    • Scott: I am trying to come up with test guide

    • Ola: That'd be brilliant if we could test with FF and on chrome. There is Development tool for IE but nothing for Safari, so don't worry about that now.

      • Ola: IE shouldn't be the first browser that you test javascript with.
    • Gus: I am not familiar with any of this. I will need strong guidance in terms of scenarios. The more detailed you can make the scenarios the more useful I can be.

    • Scott: Proposal is to adopt scenarios made by the movies

    • Will: we suppose to open ticket for how to test stuff on gretzky. (after meeting #8386)

    • Gus: I will need more detailed scenario because I am not very new to those problems.

    • Scott: we will adopt scenarios based on the movies.

    • *ACTION Ola will prepare the list of features of what should be tested.

    • ACTION Q: Carlos, what is your branch with JS fixes?

    • ACTION Q: Carlos, could you look at #7141, #7142, #7144, #7143, #7145, #7140, #7139 (jquery UI upgrade incompatibility)

  4. (5 min) #7339 tidying up centre panel tabs

    • Will: I've finished all that stuff. It is ready for people to look at this. It is up to us how we are feeling about announcing it to people or keeping it for a bit longer. Check if it makes sense, includes split view cleanup
    • #8218 Maybe not PR, but Ola or Scott Littlewood will try it out.
  5. Dom's UI changes (on top of 7339_tabs branch)

    • Dom: I have few major issues:

      • #8388 what we are going to do with entire scientist and group management. I have few ideas regarding workflow.
        • Will: is there any chance to tide up webadmin enough to become a part of the marge. It would be good to have it in place and then we can create PR to test it properly on the production.
        • Scott: what is the impact on the rest of the system?
        • Dom: lets talk about it tomorrow.
      • #8374 basket required discussion.
      • #8298 web copyright
      • there are small bits and pieces everywhere required polishing
    • Will: the increased number of permissions level implemented by Josh also affects client apps. There will be many options to verify.

    • Dom: How can I identify permissions level. How close you are to finalise it?

    • Josh: States are well defined. The implementation is coming shortly and will be visible in utests.

    • Will: We have to decide how how many levels we want to expose and support in web UI. If we have enough usecases or them would be great. I am mainly thinking how they will be represented in clients.

    • Josh: The next thing to come is adding flag. now you can ask canAnnotate, canEdit, etc.

    • Will: do we turn on some of the features related to the new permissions.

    • Josh: if we allow some flags on the server client must handle them.

    • Will needs to get more familiar with new permissions flags. Then I can try to assess how much work is needed to fully support those flags. Then decide how to support it in webadmin.

    • ACTION Josh/Will/J-M: discussion about putting flags 4.4

  6. (5 min) #7984 HIC update to latest code base

    • Josh and Scott imported the dataset we received and created nice display.
  7. (5 min) #8234 Web: groups & user.

    • Ola: I am refactoring controller and views methods to better support atomic ajax calls. It is curerntly in my local branch as I am still playing with that. I will need couple of days
    • Will: includes changes to tree to load one level at a time? Only two layers of loading at the same time is proj and dataset
    • Ola: Yes, refactoring existing stuff to make atomic calls.
  8. (5 min) Others:

    • #7202 Unittests review. some changes in 7202_unittest_review
    • #6461 - Is this story still relevant/needed? If not, can someone close it please. (Josh)
      • Ola: good test scenario
      • Will: is it documented how to make it happen.
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