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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2012 2012-02-20


Attending: Chris, Carlos, Emma, Ola, Scott, Scott ElWood, Will, Dom


List of active branches.

List of active Pull Requests.

To discuss:

  1. (5 min) #6342 Decorators, connection, error handling, etc.

  2. (5 min) #7095 JavaScript overhaul

    • google doc
    • ACTION EVERYONE: give feedback on google doc whether JS files listed in second Sheet needs any adjustment.
    • WAITING: Carlos will review the most critical library used by webgateway. Especially jQuery and jQuery.UI (#7105, #6466).
  3. (5 min) #7984 HIC update to latest code base

  4. (5 min) Groups etc.

    • #7705 Multiple groups display. Are we pushing this for 4.4
    • Web chgrp UI: #8052 blocker is security bug: #8037.
    • Addition features require server functionality (list P/D from other groups, add to P/D after move).
  5. 7339_tabs

    • Selected tab does not change when tree selection changes (E.g stays on "Preview" while viewing thumbs)
    • Tabs are enabled/disabled on tree selection (as Insight) screen-shot
  6. (5 min) #8022 Web apps cleanup. Who is cleaning what?

    • Case for/against moving webtest/webmobile to different branches?
  7. (10 min) Others:

    • #7202 Unittests review - WAITING for Carlos.


  1. (5 min) #6342 Decorators, connection, error handling, etc.

    • Chris: based on discussion with Carlos Ola and WIll there is new workflow finished this morning. Big different in workflow (chart) if you pass credentials and session_id, server_id thought HTTP request they will take precedence over currently logged in session. If you face login failure will redirect you to webpublic to check anonymous access. New properties webpublic enable, and server. In terms of branch, 6342_integration covers most of webclient, some webadmin and entire webgateway support. The next step is to rebase all of that on to current develop.
    • Chris: Will and myself need to decide how to merge it with ajax helper.
    • Will: there shouldn't be to much clashes.
    • Chris: we no longer need mapping in webclient to call webgateway methods.
  2. (5 min) #7095 JavaScript overhaul

    • Ola: I made a cleanup on webclient/javascripts. Most of those files are gone.
  3. (5 min) #7984 HIC update to latest code base

    • Scott: working on the prototype of data tables jquery integration.
    • Chris: I will show you the code I've done.
    • Will: what is the plan of putting tables in omero.gateway
    • Scott: Currently we have separate Python API internally.
  4. (5 min) Groups etc.

    • Will: We are not planning to attempt multiple group display, right?
    • Chris: Insight is planning to have S/G/U but we need to discuss it on the main meeting.
    • Chris: Josh is working on couple of bugs with multiple groups enabled. Those are critical.
  5. 7339_tabs

    • Will: Tabs on the right hand panel are available as needed. Browsing images allows to keep the state and do not reload them
    • Chris: We had conversation with DOM why viewer in the middle panel? Answer is simple, it will be to many changes across the platform, especially Insight.
    • Ola: Is table view working?
    • Chris/Will: no, as no one use it.
    • Ola: Because of the changes Will made to make those component more configurable we could ged rid of table view and put viewer as an option
  6. (5 min) #8022 Web apps cleanup. Who is cleaning what?

    • Will: Based on experience of previous releases, using an examples for developers/documentation
    • Carlos: It is very important to have webtest disabled by default. It is just too much. I agree, it should stay to instruct users
    • Will: Whats the criteria to clean webtest ?
    • Chris: remove duplications, update code, readme included.
    • Chris: my thought was to move mobile and emdb to new separate repository. it allows more control including externals.
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