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2012-01-10 4.4 release planning

Present: Will, Chris, Ola

Summary: we have some policy questions that we should decide ASAP, since they could impact schedule estimations. However, our best estimate currently is that we should be able to get the critical work done for a code freeze at end of Feb

Policy discussions (ASAP for planning)

  • Class-based views?
  • Restrict passing Gateway classes to templates?
  • What goes into 'common' app?
  • js cleanup policy (best practise on where code goes: _omero.js library, separate files, in html header etc?)

4.4 critical

  • Decorators (end of Jan)
    • connection: @login_required
    • templates/context: @expose?
  • Js cleanup (Ola & Chris) Feb
    • What goes into 'common'?
  • webclient/ cleanup (Ola - Feb after iframe)
    • method declaration for essential args (not kwargs)
    • remove unused methods etc)
    • webclient unit tests
  • Templates (FINALISE!, documentation, examples, tried and tested) (Will - Feb)
    • common templates
    • webclient base templates (and
  • Finish iframe removal, cleanup etc. (Will - Feb)
  • Tabs cleanup/strategy: AJAX, links, show/hide (Will - Feb)
  • Add links to various toolbars in
  • javascript 'ping' to keep session alive
  • basic AJAX re-login alert

4.4 desirable (if we have more time)

  • Ajax helper for login, error handling etc
  • Add tabs to middle via
  • Preview panel (rendering settings etc)
  • Scripts parameter checking, cancel
  • Landing page
  • Demo server
  • qa permissions
  • Sharing improvement #1847
  • Large P/D S/P counts
  • caching
  • tag UI
  • Image viewer UI
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