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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-02-22


Attending: Ola, Will


  1. OMERO.webpublic #3769 update. Chris is away.
  2. Selenium tests #3829.
    • Carlos is going to show pre-import examples.
    • Will is going to create ticket for metadata panel (duplicated id).
  3. Big images update #4001
    • Kasuari and PanoJS plugins testing. Integration.
  4. ROI in web viewer #3988
    • ROI table.
  5. OMERO client reconciliation-- what's the role of this team?
    • Scott was reviewing icons #4387 and meta-data panel #4458. #4023.
    • API unification. Meeting scheduled for Tuesday 15th at 9.30 am #4278


Ola, Will


  1. Chris is away.
  2. Will managed to set up tests for editing user and group. There are four tests we will run on Hudson #4452. Pre-import examples are under investigation. Metadata panel changes #4453.
  3. Ola committed first set of changes to viewer including PanoJS plugin integration. Kasuari needs more investigation in terms of loading tile in the proper places.
  4. Will added ROI table. Interactive list of ROIs. Still matrix and masks require more work. It shows the shapes but no details (x,y coordinates, etc). No more new features at this moment.
  5. Unification:
    • Scott reviewed Feature Icons - report attached to the ticket. Will started changing metadata panel in order to make it more similar to Insight. Tab content could be loaded on demand (when user click on tab). At this moment Will is modifying metadata fields in order to make it testable by selenium (unique ID needed).
    • We need to write from scratch because it makes confusens in terms of large number of services and unused methods. We should start with the central gateway that provide functionality is used. Will look at the in order to define a generic list of methods. How API should be easy to use, applicable to different languages, lazy loading, graph oriented, etc. Proposal: Omero/GatewayApi. What happen to state-full services? Option for lazy loading?
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