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FS view proposal

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Browsing repository

Idea is to combine/improve the actual hierarchies view (i.e. P/D) and the "repository browsing"
during the transition phase. We need to support images imported before having FS in place


 - Images imported using the current import strategy end in the DB with `null` path, `null` name and `null` repo.
 - Images imported using the FS strategy have those fields populated.
 - Users can specify at import the name of the images i.e. keep information about parents' folder e.g `/dv/good/image1.dv`. We currently do not parse that string to generate smart folder

FS status

 - A template is used to determine the path in the repository e.g. User/Year/Month/Day
 - Keep the parent of the folder to import. Going to previous example `good/image1.dv`


 - Keep importing images in P/D
 - Modify the hierarchies view so that user can "add" extra layer(s) i.e.
    - User imports an image in dataset: `DV` contained in project: `Investigation`
    - Parse the `Path` of `Pixels` to allow the display a smart folder `good` under `DV`. The template is retrieved from the server.
 - Images imported prior to FS will be displayed the same way. Possible to parse the name if desired.
 - Allow users to specify the depth will allow to add extra smart folders.
 - Do **not** allow the user to modify the value of the `Path` field.
 - Annotate the smart folder using `PixelsAnnotationLink`.
 - If we support several smart folders, `PixelsAnnotationLink` needs to have an extra field to indicate the depth. This could be done via a description field on all `*AnnotationLink` (useful for other things).
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