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How the project documentation is organised

The Open Microscopy Environment documentation has been contributed by a number of authors from across the consortium. Some is located on this site and other documentation is stored on our collaborators web sites or shared development servers. This section is a portal to that documentation.

There is documentation available for:

  • The original Perl-based OME server project, which implements image-based analysis of cellular dynamics and image-based screening of cellular localization or phenotypes, and includes a fully developed OME-XML Schema language.
  • The Java-based OMERO software project, which currently includes tools for storing, visualizing, managing, and annotating microscopic images and metadata.
  • The Bio-Formats Java library for reading and writing popular microscopy file formats.
  • The VisBio biological visualization tool. VisBio provides 3D-rendered views of multi-dimensional images.
  • The OME-XML data model and file format specifications, which are standardized data formats for microscopy imaging.
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