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OMERO ships as a server application (OMERO.server) and a series of clients (OMERO.insight, OMERO.importer, OMERO.webadmin) that run on all the major operating systems and provide image visualization, management, and annotation to users from remote locations.

Most laboratories use a number of different imaging platforms and thus require tools to manage, visualise and analyse heterogeneous sets of image data recorded in a range of file formats. Ideally a single set of applications, running on a user's laptop or workstation, could access all sets of data, and provide easy-to-use access to this data.

We have designed and built three OMERO client applications for use with the OMERO Server.


OMERO.webadmin is a simple web browser-based tool that is the management interface for an OMERO Server, allowing management of users, groups, and passwords.


OMERO.importer is a standalone application that allows a user to import proprietary image data files from a filesystem accessed from the user's computer to a running OMERO Server. This tool uses a standard file browser to help the user find and specify files for import into the server and then uploads the files to an OMERO Server.

OMERO.importer uses Bio-Formats for translation of proprietary file formats in preparation for upload to an OMERO Server.


OMERO.insight provides a number of tools for accessing and using data in an OMERO Server.

OMERO.insight contains a number of tools for viewing and managing data:

  • DataManager, a traditional tree-based view of the data hierarchies in an OMERO Server. DataManager supports access to all image metadata, annotations, tags.
  • ImageViewer, for visualization of 5D images (space, channel, time). The ImageViewer makes use of the OMERO Server's Rendering Engine, and provides high-performance viewing of multi-dimensional images on standard workstations (e.g, scrolling through space and time), without requiring installation of high-powered graphics cards. Most importantly, image viewing at remote locations is enable. Image rendering settings are saved and chosen by user ID, (e.g., a I can see an image with the same rendering settings used by a student).
  • Measurement Tool, a sub-application of ImageViewer that enables size and intensity measurements of defined regions-of-interest (ROIs). Definition of ROIs is currently completely manual, but will be automated in the future.
  • HierarchyViewer, for viewing, annotating, and manipulating large sets of image data.

OMERO.importer and OMERO.insight are written in Java and require Java 1.5 (or Java 1.6) to be installed on the user's computer (automatically installed on up-to-date OS X and Windows XP systems).

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