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With over 300 OMERO.server instances up and running worldwide, OMERO has been shown to be relatively easy to install and get running. There are instructions for manual install on Linux and OS X, as well as Windows.

Please do have a look at our notes on security. It might also be helpful to watch a screencast video that shows installation. Above all, if you have problems, please check out the installation troubleshooting page or contact the OME mailing lists.

OMERO Clients Installation

These are shipped as either an installer packages or compressed archive depending on platform. Simply download the file, and run the executable. Some platforms have all the client applications in a single package.

OMERO Client Downloads

OMERO.server Installation

As a full server product, installing OMERO.server is a more technical process. Detailed instructions are available for installing and upgrading.

OMERO.server clean install on UNIX and Mac OS

OMERO.server clean install on Windows

OMERO.server upgrading

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