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Future Development

Future development plans for OMERO

As OMERO is an ongoing development the best location for information is the developer maintained at the OMERO and Shoola Trac systems. (Note: "Shoola" is the code name for OMERO clients).


With the release of the maturing OMERO Beta 2.3, the OME project has now released a full range of tools for visualisation and management of biological image data. We are building interfaces to support a variety of image analysis environments and leveraging our development to provide real opportunities for scientific collaboration.

  • We will add support for structured annotations, so that any type of structured data can be attached to Images or other objects.
  • We are extending the functionality in the OMERO Client Hierarchy Browser so that it will become the standard method of defining, annotating, viewing, and processing large sets of data.
  • We are building a Scripting Engine that will provide access for Matlab and Java.
  • While our existing approach for importing data into an OMERO repository works well, it is hard to deploy in environments with substantial pre-existing data. We are therefore developing OMERO.fs, that will allow access to existing image data on the file-system, without the need for importing data into a repository.
  • Our image visualisation system must be updated to support very large images developed using tiling approaches.

As always, our server and client roadmaps are available. We welcome queries and comments. Get involved!

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