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Web Client

The Web client provides a useful user interface for accesing OME data which does not require a special program on the client machine. Since it is implemented via the normal Web protocols, any standard Web browser can be used on any machine and operating system.

The only part of the Web interface which might cause a problem is with the image viewer, which is implemented in SVG. SVG is a new Web standard which is just now starting to appear in most Web browsers. It is a W3C standard, though, and support for it should increase over the next year or two. Until then, if your Web browser does not support SVG directly, Adobe publishes an SVG plug-in for most standard browsers on the most common operating systems.

Since the Web interface runs via a standard browser, no installation is required on the client side, except for the possible SVG plug-in described above. However, the Web interface relies on a set of Perl classes which reside on the data server; during the data server installation phase, you will need to ensure that the Web interface's server classes are installed in Apache. (This can be handled automatically by the installer; just say "yes" to the appropriate prompts.)

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