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Java Client

In addition to the Web client, a more sophisticated Java client is also included with a standard OME system. This Java client provides a few capabilities (such as an interactive dataset browser) which are difficult or impossible to implement in a Web browser. However, unlike the Web client, the Java client must be installed on a client machine before it can be used.

Assuming that you have a new enough version of Java installed on your client machine (which most operating systems include these days), installation of the Java client is very straightforward. (Details are provided in the installation section.)

The Java client communicates with the data server via the XML-RPC protocol, and with the image server via simple HTTP requests. In order for the Java client to work properly, you must be sure to install the data server and image server into Apache during the server-side installation process. (This can be handled automatically by the installer; just say "yes" to the appropriate prompts.)

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