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Metadata Services

The OME data server is used to store all of the metadata associated with the images. The metadata is stored into a database with a schema derived form the OME Data Model. The API of this server allows access to the metadata in a structured manner.

Client programs can interact with the data server in one of two ways:

  • Programs can be written to execute server-side, on the data server machine. The OME administration tools and test scripts are written this way, and are executed from the shell by a Unix user with the appropriate permissions to access the OME database. User-level applications cannot easily be written in this way, since there is no built-in way to provide interactivity with the user, however the Web interface is implemented in this way.

  • Programs can run on a remote machine and communicate over the network with the metadata server using the API. There are language bindings available in many languages. This is how the standard Java client is written.

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