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Web Client

Web client

In order to use the Web user interface, you need to make sure that its server classes are compiled and installed when running the script. The compilation is automatic; to install the scripts, make sure to say yes to the "Install Web server?" prompt. (If you didn't let the install script play around with your Apache configuration, you'll have to do this by hand.)

If everything was set up correctly during the installation script, then you're good to go. Any computer with a valid browser can connect to the OME installation. No special URL is needed, just use the name of the computer which contains the data and web server. For instance, if you installed OME on a computer named, just connect to

The image viewer included in the Web interface relies on the SVG vector graphics format to function. If your Web browser doesn't contain native SVG support, Adobe publishes a free SVG plugin for the most common platforms.

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