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OME Core Types

The entire OME ontology is defined in terms of semantic types in a series of documents (listed below) under the src/xml/OME/Core folder of your OME distribution. These files form the core of the OME system and the semantic types they comprise are imported into OME upon system installation.

  • Experiment.ome: An experiment describes the context in which an experimenter acquired data.
  • Experimenter.ome: Experimenters are OME users. Experimenters are associated with the OME objects they import and derive.
  • Group.ome: Experimenters belong to a group. An experimenter's group has implications in terms of access control. Groups can be a lab or a project group. They are not meant to represent an institution or a company.
  • Image.ome: Defines semantic types specific to an Image such as Pixels, Dimensions, ImagingEnvironment, etc. .
  • Instrument.ome: Describes a microscope.
  • Plate.ome: Defines semantic types to describe the plates that make up a high-throughput screen.
  • Screen.ome: Describes a high-throughput screen with the plates and images that comprise it.
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