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Command-line Handler

Defining OME Modules implemented as Command-Line Executables

The Command-Line Handler was written in March 2003 as an alternative to the only other method then available for implementing analysis modules -- defining them as Perl classes that are loaded by the back-end directly.

We found it more convenient in our Lab to implement image and data analysis algorithms as MATLAB scripts than as command-line programs in languages such as C. Once the Matlab Handler was written, it quickly became the preferred method for developing Analysis Modules. The Command-line Handler fell into disuse and developer time was prioritized in favour of the Matlab Handler. Subsequent changes to the OME back-end broke the old Command-line Handler. There hasn't been sufficient interest in the Command-line Handler to justify the developer time required to modernise it.

If you have specific use-cases where you would like to take advantage of command-line programs as OME Analysis Modules, please write in.

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