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Transfer of XML Schemas

Exporting and importing: XML schemas

OME provides XML schemas that can be used to describe data in a format suitable for importing into or exporting from OME databases. The ome.xsd and CA.xsd schmeas (found in ./src/xml/schemas), provide two alternative views of data. The ome.xsd schema provides a nested view, while ca.xsd provides a "flattened" view of the same data. The XSLT files OME-CA2OME.xslt and OME2OME-CA.xslt (in the ./src/xml/xslt directory) can be used to translate between the two formats.

The file ./src/perl2/OME/Tests/ contains an example of how the OME::Tasks::OMEExport package can be used to export the contents of an OME session.

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