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Core Types

The core types are those that are assumed to be part of the OME data. This includes experimenters, groups, projects, datasets, images, sessions, and others.

Projects, Datasets, Images, and Features, are the many units of work in OME. A project is a generic container for some user-defined body of work. A dataset is a collection of images that is subject to some analysis. A project may contain multiple datasets and each dataset may be found in multiple projects (a "many-to-many" relationshiip). The application of analysis tools to images leads to the generation of "features", which are computationally-derived attributes of images. Features are stored in their own table in the database.

User interaction with OME is built around a sessions model — each user has an active session, which stores the state of their interactions. The session is saved in the database when the user logs out, and reloaded upon login. Session information is stored in the ome_sessions table.

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