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Perl API

Example code for using the Perl API to build a web application around OME can be found in the ./src/perl2/OME/Web directory and its subdirectories. is the login screen; is the main page that is displayed upon login, etc. loads a Joust configuration file (./src/JavaScript/UseWithJoust.js) to build a joust menu. This menu contains links to modules in the ./src/perl2/OME/Web hierarchy that perform the requested tasks. For example, is used to switch datasets, and brings up an image viewer.

The ./ome/OME/src/perl2/OME directory contains Perl classes for most of the Core OME data types. Generally, these objects are derived from the OME::DBObject class. As with other modules, these files are self-documenting with perldoc.

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