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HTML Templates - Architecture

There are four components to the architecture behind HTML Templates in OME: Creation, Annotation, Browsing, and Display.


  • Function: Creates three templates with the same filename - one for annotation, one for browsing, one for display. Adds these to the database as attributes of the STs AnnotationTemplate, BrowseTemplate, and DisplayTemplate. The default directory for creation is /OME/html/Templates.
  • Package: OME/Web/
  • Directories: Templates/Actions/Annotator/CategoryGroup/, Templates/Browse/CategoryGroup/, Templates/Display/One/OME/Image/
  • In order to create templates, you will have to add these directories and give them ome group write permission (so that apache can write to them). Do the following from the Templates directory that you're using:
  • [IICBU-2xG4:/OME/html/Templates] arpun% mkdir Browse
            [IICBU-2xG4:/OME/html/Templates] arpun% mkdir Browse/CategoryGroup
            [IICBU-2xG4:/OME/html/Templates] arpun% mkdir Actions/Annotator
            [IICBU-2xG4:/OME/html/Templates] arpun% mkdir Actions/Annotator/CategoryGroup
            [IICBU-2xG4:/OME/html/Templates] arpun% sudo chmod -R g+w .


  • Function: Back-end to the Annotation template. Displays the Category Groups that the template calls, rendering a dropdown list of Categories, and a textbox the user can use to add Categories. Handles the list of images left to annotate.
  • Package: OME/Web/
  • Directory: Templates/Actions/Annotator/CategoryGroup/


  • Function: Back-end to the Browse template. Displays a list of Categories in each CG that the template calls. The user can click on one category per CG and the engine will display only the thumbnails that meet all of the criteria.
  • Package: OME/Web/
  • Directory: Templates/Browse/CategoryGroup/


  • Function: Back-end to the Display template. Users click anywhere but the top-left corner of thumbnails on the browse page to access the Display page. Shows a large image, along with the Category Groups and Categories that it belongs to.
  • Package: OME/Web/
  • Directory: Templates/Display/One/OME/Image/
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