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Release of OMERO.iviewer 0.2.0

Dear All,

Today we are releasing our version 0.2.0 of OMERO.iviewer: an OMERO.web app for visualizing images in OMERO. This version requires OMERO 5.3.3.

This 0.2.0 version is still work-in-progress and some areas are likely to be modified. We have already a good number of tasks planned for our next release [1].

This version includes:

  • support for omero prefix
  • improved manipulation of rendering setting for floating images with very small pixels range
  • support for maximum intensity projection along Z
  • loading ROIs using the web api
  • added ability to draw lines
  • improved copy and paste of ROIs and added a new context menu for these actions
  • added ability to open multiple selected images
  • improved layout of ROIs table
  • added support for two new lookup tables from
  • added option to turn on or off the interpolation

For installation instruction go to:

To know more, watch an intro video:


The OME Team


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