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Release of OMERO.iviewer 0.1.0

The OME Consortium are pleased to announce the release of our first official version of OMERO.iviewer

Dear All,

Today we are releasing our first official version of OMERO.iviewer: an OMERO.web app for visualizing images in OMERO.

The internal image viewer of OMERO.iviewer is based on OpenLayers 3[1]

This 0.1.0 version is still work-in-progress and some areas are likely to be modified. We have already a good number of tasks planned for our next release[2].

This version includes:

  • availability from PyPI
  • support for 'Open With' functionality
  • support for non-tiled and tiled images
  • ability to adjust rendering settings
  • support for lookup tables and reverse intensity rendering
  • support for histograms
  • save rendering settings
  • display images in the same dataset as the selected image on left-hand panel
  • display time information
  • draggable scalebar
  • support for panning
  • smooth zooming
  • support for rotation
  • ability to draw regions of interest
  • shapes can be attached to a given plane, a given z or t or none
  • ability to copy/paste rois between images
  • save regions of interests

For installation instruction go to:

To know more, watch an intro video:


The OME Team



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