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Release of OMERO.figure 3.1.0

The OME Consortium are pleased to announce the release of OMERO.figure 3.1.0

Dear All

We are pleased to announce the release of OMERO.figure 3.1.0.

If upgrading from before 3.0.0, please read the release notes for 3.0.0 about switching to installation via PyPI. For installation instructions go to

New features in OMERO.figure 3.1.0:

  • Support for italics and bold in panel labels using markdown syntax
  • Export of figures as new OMERO Images (each figure page creates a new OMERO Image)
  • Set the background colour of figure pages
  • Support for Reverse (Inverted) Intensity
  • Allow scripting of various changes to the figure from the browser devtools console. See [1] for examples.
  • Format the json in saved files to be more human readable

Bug fixes and cleanup include:

  • Fix slider range issue when min pixel intensity is greater than 9999
  • Remove unused dependencies


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