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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2012 2012-06-04


Attending: Chris, Emma, Will, Scott, Gus, Carlos


List of active branches.

List of active PRs:

To discuss:


    • To-Do
    • Ola: #9041 SERVICE_OPTS wrapper. Initial idea in wrapper_class
    • webteam: #8501 Bug: Icon disabling logic broken in IE8.
    • webteam: #8503 Bug: Shared Image right hand panel missing in IE8.
  2. (5 min) #8234 Web: groups & user. NOT 4.4.0 webclient!

    • AWAITING #8567 Additional changes to the gateway
  3. (5 min) Model changes

  4. (5 min) Others:

    • #7202 Unittests review. some changes in 7202_unittest_review
      • Rebased on sprint16-bugfixes on the branch marked above, work has started on getting the existing tests to run properly (not the same branch as before).


  • sprint16-bugfixes branch still being deployed with develop each day

    • schema branch - some major issues come up over the weekend.
    • probably going to stop work on this until after Paris
    • likely release 4.4 without the model changes
    • Some extra work to do - make sure bioformats changes get into the 4.4 RC.
    • Imports / bioformats testing should be more straight-forward. Only expect smaller bugs.
  • 7202 unit-tests.

    • Hopefully not affected too much by sprint16 changes
    • Need to use sudo for some tests
    • Some fixes needed with new decorators & JCB
    • Should be able to merge soon after sprint16 branch is merged (tomorrow)
  • Webstart - need to check with Josh before merging

  • Various other issues / remaining tickets discussed - see BUGs report.

  • Paris:

    • Sebastien should be able to help with scripting tutorial
    • Will can handle web tutorial. A couple of web users will be there - probably some beginner interest too?
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