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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2012 2012-06-01


Attending: Chris, Emma, Ola, Will, Scott, Gus, Jason


To discuss:

  1. Sharing Ola's tasks

  2. Priorities proposal Paris meeting


  1. Most of Ola's tasks will be addressed afterwards, as they need decisions and will be shared across the team. The following issues has to be addressed before she leave

    • email:
      • feedback notification. Ola will make sure Will is assign to the Web component,
      • Ola's mailbox needs auto replay and has to be shared with Wilma,
      • qa (at) openmicroscopy (dot) org (dot) uk redirected to someone else then Ola's dundee only,
  2. Paris meeting:

    • Will:

      • Missed functionality/features from Insight, like:
        • rendering setting adjustment in right hand panel, filters in centre panel, etc,
        • measurement tool
        • OMERO.tables in omero.gateway and webclient
        • alternative for the hierarchy data, other browsing ideas, more like iphoto, you do not browse by hierarchy but more searching/query specific
        • loading data from the image
        • smart zooming to the full viewer
        • showing ROIs without opening
    • Chris:

      • Public data
      • Web 2.0 Technology
      • testing for Python 2.4
      • caching
      • Liza's idea about template, css, mobile specific, etc.
    • Ola:

      • what happen with shares, evaluate or convert to groups?
        • Will: because we made some effort to make it working in 4.4 with the new permissions, it will be useful, but require improvement
      • Web-start evaluation, launch one client from the another client
      • Landing page, (associated with public data)
    • Jason:

      • Analyses and probability. How the web should deal with imageJ, CellProfiler and others.
    • Scott:

      • Educational usage of web
  3. Other notes:

    • two separate issues should come together: improvement of existing infrastructure and new features
    • Chris: we will be making decision to FS, folder structure, annotations, tables, etc.
    • Jason: I am multiple mind about implanting feature in one client only. That affects users and it is frustrating. It is fair to say that we will be developing features like share in one client and once we have the minimum to expose it we should think about other clients integration
    • Gus: what about conceptual development in client?
    • Chris: from the tech perspective, how bring clients closer together. Emma: for example admin panel
    • Jason: Upload data to the public repository.
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