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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2012 2012-04-23


Attending: Chris, Emma, Ola, Will, Scott, Gus, Carlos


List of active branches.

List of active Pull Requests.

To discuss:

  1. (5 min) UI changes in 4.4.

  2. (5 min) Dom's UI changes (on top of 7339_tabs branch)

    • ACTION Scott is going to create story for internal testing on gretzky-ui. All reported bugs should be linked to that story
  3. (5 min) #6342 Decorators, connection, error handling, etc.

    • Ready to be merged unless Chris found out any problems.
  4. #7394 Render Decorator

    • Ready to be merged unless Chris found out any problems.
  5. (5 min) #8234 Web: groups & user.

    • #8567 Carlos is going to give a list of expected utests before next week. DONE
  6. #8434 CHMOD

    • AWAITING Ola: #8438 changePermission in Webadmin
    • AWAITING Will: #8435 isOwner -> canEdit
  7. #6461 Tree and middle panel synchronisation

    • ACTION Will: I was looking at this. It is not exactly what user expect, it is just small issue when nothing is selected.
  8. #8102 switch group

  9. (5 min) Others:


  1. (5 min) UI changes in 4.4.

    • Dom is going to design nice layout.
    • Scott: I emailed some test draft to Ola and Will to give brief description.
  2. (5 min) Dom's UI changes (on top of 7339_tabs branch)

    • Dom: most of bugs were fixed over the weekend. At the moment input buttons on history page and image viewer is busted.
    • Chris: image viewer has to be resolved with the merging other branches in.
    • Chris: once we have workflow working we need to get next set to resolve, like icons for activity, scripts,etc. The same is related to search page.
    • With respect to search, middle panel and other bits we need to understand what exactly it means it terms of backend implementation.
    • Will: my impression is that we have enough task to tackle bug fixes, etc.
    • Will: whats the strategy
    • Chris: "full speed ahead", we are going to kill all outstanding branches.
    • Will will sort out conn,render decor, switch group and prepare for merging.
    • ACTION UI team will prioritise incoming changes to make sure we cover all changes since 4.3.
  3. #7394 Render Decorator

    • Will: Changes event context within webadmin
  4. #8102 switch group

    • Will is trying to resolve issue with scripting
  5. (5 min) Others:

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