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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2012 2012-04-02


Attending: Chris, Emma, Ola, Will, Scott, Gus, Carlos


List of active branches.

List of active Pull Requests.

To discuss:

  1. (10 min) UI changes.

    • Scott/Dom: Usability backlog for web review.

    • ACTION Scott will put the final list of usability tickets to discuss those tickets and priorities for 4.4 and 4.4.1.Done

    • Tickets must be looked at for 4.4. and a decision made

      • #3086 Add "create dataset" function from select images)
      • #8394 Web admin Grouping of labels for form presentation
    • Remainder remainder of the tickets:

      • #7193 Layout for crop functionality Options: 1) To keep it the crop functionality,2)To remove it from the layout 3)crop functionality for images?
      • #2931 Web: Tag Display
      • #4604 Edit existing comments (Requirement based on Paris 2011 and Imperial feedback)
      • #7130 RFE: password changes
      • #2181 Improve the 404 page at (Known as the index page)
      • #7276 Changing label header on viewer (This has been requested for the pfelts work)
      • #7278 Change of image label from quality to compression
    • The user stories not under consideration

      • 6203 Preview panel
      • 5823 LIM: How to handle large datasets
      • 6019 Tag workflow
      • Viewer and Big Images
      • 4634 Evolution of Rating
  2. (5 min) Dom's UI changes (on top of 7339_tabs branch)

    • TODO before merge: #8287
      • #8388 tiding up webadmin. As discussed on 2012.03.30-milestone.txt only fix the thing(s) broken: my account, managing owners of group
        • REMEMBER to CC jean-Marie since need to keep insight admin in sync
      • #8374 basket/share/permissions. Not in 4.4 as discussed on 2012.03.30-milestone.txt
      • #8298 web copyright. Omit in display
      • there are small bits and pieces everywhere required polishing
    • Other backlog: #8279
    • Tickets created from this mornings discussion specifically for Dom's UI
      • #8449 Change of label avatar to profile.
      • #8453 Basket back in + change of icon.
      • #8451 Change to unlink icon.
      • #8454 Re-ordering icons.
  3. (5 min) #6342 Decorators, connection, error handling, etc.

    • Current workflow (Updated Monday February 20th 2012)

    • TESTING assign to Gus (and Andrew) #8386

    • ACTION Will: set session timeout to 1 minute to perform testing better and more accurate. DONE

    • ACTION Will: anonymous user testing will happen in the second stage AWAITING How anonymous user works?

    • ACTION Carlos, run selenium tests for connection and seams to work DONE

  4. (5 min) #7095 JavaScript overhaul

  5. (5 min) #7339 tidying up centre panel tabs

    • #8218 Maybe not PR, but Ola will try it out.
  6. (5 min) #7984 HIC.

    • Do we still need it as Scott is no longer coming to those meetings?
  7. (5 min) #8234 Web: groups & user.

    • #8258 refactoring
    • #8259 loading data by ajax refactoring
    • ACTION Josh/Will/J-M: discussion about putting flags 4.4
  8. (5 min) Others:

    • #8384 default picture while rendering failed
    • #7202 Unittests review. some changes in 7202_unittest_review
    • #6461 - Is this story still relevant/needed? If not, can someone close it please. (Josh)


  1. (10 min) UI changes. Usability backlog for web review.

    • #8394 Web admin Grouping of labels for form presentation.
      • Scott: will define which labels and names needs to be changed.
      • Scott: will create ticket for multi-select panels in Webadmin.
    • #2181 Improve the 404 page at (Known as the index page). Decided on Friday. Built system will generate html page
    • Other tickets are not relevant to the current release
  2. (5 min) Dom's UI changes (on top of 7339_tabs branch)

    • Every actions as mentioned in the agenda.
    • Scott: Project/Screens tab should go together or not?
      • Will: unfortunately is more work then look like. We will no change it in current release.
    • Scott: How/when we could get separate instances to deploy separate branches on gretzky?
    • ACTION Chris: I will create more vm's for testing on Tuesday. But you will need to manually deploy what you need.
    • Ola: I can provide shall script.
  3. (5 min) #6342 Decorators, connection, error handling, etc.

    • Ola: Basic tasting was handled by Gus.
    • Ola: we need to duscuss about anonymous user testing as this is not exactly clear how anonymous user works?
    • Chris: We had a quick chat with Will, lets talk about it on Tuesday.
  4. (5 min) #7095 JavaScript overhaul

    • ACTION Ola: I will ask Andrew to test it with IE.
  5. (5 min) #7339 tidying up centre panel tabs

    • Ola: I've started dealing with #8218 today.
  6. (5 min) #8234 Web: groups & user.

    • Ola: tickets #8258 and #8259 were implemented in separate branch. As we no longer tackle that problem in the current release no more actions now.
    • Chris: we need to be aware about supporting it in gateway as Carlos will use it.
    • Ola: Are there any utests? Will: no. Carlos, do you have any list of functionality you will be interest in?
    • ACTION: Carlos: not right now. but I will do it before next week.
  7. #8434 CHMOD

    • Will: I've started work on CHMOD changes. Just testing behaviour on canEdit and canAnnotate and they seams to not behave as expected.
    • Chris: we should have some PermissionDeniede exception to handle some of those cases.
    • Will: 500 is fine for the moment.
  8. (5 min) Others:

    • #8384 default picture while rendering failed
      • Chris: there is custom implementation with Carlos. It should be provided as part of the base.
      • Ola: I will try to find out what is in Carlos's custom branch and either apply those changes or implement that functionality.
    • #6461 - Is this story still relevant/needed? If not, can someone close it please. (Josh)
      • Chris: is bad in 4.3 but it seams to be fixed with new event handler. Needs more testing.
    • Movie script:
      • Carlos: movie script. feature movies branch. watermark can be either colour or black and white. There is new feature to set minimum size. which allow render smaller images then 512x512 but will add background colour.
      • Chris: it should be configurable, and if we have no chance to add it to Insight interface then this shouldn't be set by default.
      • Will: if is not set, just ignore it.
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