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2012-01-17 web policies


  • Class-based views
  • What goes in 'common'?
  • omeroweb/utils for decorators, Server class etc?
  • Passing BlitzGateway objects to templates
  • js cleanup (how to organise the code)?


  • What goes in 'common'? + omeroweb/utils for decorators, Server class etc?

    • Chris: omeroweb.decorators and app specific logic in omeroweb.webclient.decorators.
    • in order to add few other staff, like Server class, etc.
    • Will: Ola's sugestion about omeroweb.util.* seams to be good.
    • Common is states as application now. Includes statics and views useful for every application.
    • Carlos: Common is a place for basic templates and media/statics. Webgateway is a Django helper for OmeroPy.
    • Chris: they are essentially the same thing in practice.
    • Chris:for a while we are talking about building web framework where. In that case we will move common to webgateway and new decorators We will change the name afterwords
  • Class-based views

    • Chris: this require large amount of changes.
    • Chris: in urls you set up a regex and it match the function that must be callable.
    • Will: there is nothing stopping us to use this in the new code.
  • Passing BlitzGateway objects to templates

    • Will: my concern is more about calling the same method many times because it might not be cached.
    • Carlos: Passing this object is dangerous. In template you should pass exactly what you need there.
    • Will: BlitzGateway is not serialise and require dict to pass to the templates.
    • Ola: because Django model has own serialisation infrastructure we might look that that and try to reuse build own serialise?
    • Chris: Perhaps is something not we are able to solve that minute.
  • js cleanup (how to organise the code)?

    • Will: shall we modify JS with django dynamic var.
    • Chris: all JS should be static.
    • Will: How much of js we want to have in html body. sometime is difficult to read from the code what url is passed through especially with ajax calls, etc.
    • Chris: perhaps not many.
    • Will: the best for me would be having static functions with the parameters configurable dynamically directly from the template.
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