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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-11-21


Attending: Chris, Ola, Scott, Will, Jason


List of active branches.

List of active Pull Requests.

To discuss:

  1. (5 min) #6166 ROI in big image viewer PR_25.

    • Recent updates to Text display (shape labels etc).
  2. (5 min) PanoJS IE Bugs #7238

    • Ola and Scott will look at older versions of OMERO.web to figure out what is failing in IE 8.
    • Stable Windows environment needed with IE8+. What happened to personal RDC?
  3. (5 min) #7094 Django update

    • Chris has set up instructions how to checkout from the base branch django_1_3_1 branch. (#7271)
    • Ola: Bad experience from this week. How we want to merge branches and resolve conflicts?
  4. (5 min) #7189 Static files handling.

  5. (5 min) #6198 Template extensions

    • #7173 Templates: Phase I. DONE
    • Will: Sample Documentation of templates hierarchy in ticket
    • #7263 Templates: Phase II.
  6. #7095 JavaScript overhaul

    • Chris and Scott will pick few tickets and create google doc with jQuery plugin references
  7. Others:

    • (1 min) Unittests review #7202 waiting
    • (5 min) #7244 Web: Context toolbar and Header
      • #7245 Select widget adjustment.
  8. General updates in tickets #4300, #4636 for on ongoing UI reviews.


Carlos, Chris, Ola, Scott, Will, Jason


  1. #6166 ROI in big image viewer PR_25.

    • Will: There were not so many changes. Today I noticed another bug. Currently I am waiting for review. There is one known issue - location of text in IE. It doesn't lie in the right place.
    • Chris: have we updated to the latest Raphael javascript SVG library.
    • Will: No, I haven't done that.
    • Action: Chris will review
  2. (5 min) PanoJS IE Bugs #7238

    • Ola: We need to have stable Windows environment with IE 8 and 9
    • Chris: is gre-mporter not enough?
    • Ola: No we need to test against IE 9 as well.
    • Action: Chris is will ask for VM
  3. (5 min) #7094 Django update

    • Chris has set up instructions how to checkout from the base branch django_1_3_1 branch in comment #7271)
    • Chris: Just a comment for Ola. If you are making changes commit more often. As small as possible commit will make your life easier.
    • Will: In future we shouldn't have more then one massive changesets.
    • Action: Ola will rebase and change her commit messages.
  4. (10 min) #7189 Static files handling and #6198 Template extensions

    • Ola: I updated final comment on #7190 django.contrib.staticfiles investigation. We currently merged Will's changes from django_templates to branch feature/static_file_handling

    • Will: Ola cherry-picked first commit and then took my changes from template (I squashed every commits to one)

    • Chris: Carlos, we will replace syncmedia by new management commands ' collectstatic'.

    • Ola: Files are searched by using the enabled finders. The default is to look in all locations defined in STATICFILES_DIRS and in the 'static' directory of apps specified by the INSTALLED_APPS setting. It will then collects the static files into STATIC_ROOT.

    • Carlos: I assume is not so trivial as it looks like, but ok.

    • Will: I've done template hierarchy in #7173, there is an outline of the base templates. Perhaps we want to change naming conventions. Some names mislead. There is a set of new templates. For example header. Now is configurable in your own apps.

    • Ola: There were idea to replace animated menu by words and search input. Quick access to searching.

    • Will: I put examples in webtest how to extend existing template hierarchy.

    • Will: shall we look at this and have this done to fix and push.

    • Action: Templates and common media review.

  5. #7095 JavaScript overhaul

    • CHris: We haven't got a chance to do it yet
    • Chris: I updated with Carlos tickets to jquery release. It will be very important for next few weeks to know what each other are doing. We already have Carlos's branch, PR16 and the latest changes . We might want to have one small branch where we can work from. We will try to have feature complete
  6. Others:

    • (1 min) Unittests review #7202 waiting

      • Carlos: It is in my list of current tasks.
    • (5 min) #7245 Select widget adjustment.

      • Ola: I need to double check if my changes works on Windows.
      • Chris: I got something similar for another component.
  7. General updates in tickets #4300, #4636 for on ongoing UI reviews.

    • Ongoing UI work. Summaries are in tickets.
    • Jason: this is basically summary What you see?
    • Jason: We had first usability meeting last week. You guys do a lot of work on UI. There is no doubt people want to add new stuff to web. For example Insight is more a place where people want to add ImageJ integration. The promise about unification needs to be reviewed. What does it exactly mean (both clients show the same features). We should make some decisions where both clients are actually going and how much they will be consistent to support various features (especially about extensions).
  8. BUG FIXING. There will be 1 branch for bug fix per sprint. They will be manage by one person. Ticket for each bug fix, to make sure tester will be able to test it easily.

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