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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-11-07


Attending: Chris, Emma, Ola, Scott, ElWood, Will


  1. #6166 ROI in big image viewer. GitHub/PR_16 DONE
    • Chris reviewing the latest changes.
    • #7185 Anchor point for text in shape.
  2. PanoJS
    • Backporting or contributing to PanoJS development
    • IE bugs
  3. #6806 Web SPW Phase II. GitHub/PR_19 any comments?
  4. #7094 Django update
  5. #7189 Static files handling.
  6. Templates:
  7. #7095 JavaScript overhaul
    • jQuery plugin reference Trac Wiki page?
    • Keeping lib/licenses/README up to date
    • JavaScript file header policy
    • #7105 jQuery and plugins review.
    • #6466 jQuery UI upgrade review.
    • #7137 Port to jQuery 1.5 Ajax infrastructure
  8. Others:
    • #7181 Group members - Leaders first.
    • Scott: Check #7194 Delete profile picture, #7193 Use of crop functionality


Chris, Emma, Ola, Scott, ElWood, Will


List of active branches.


  1. #6166 ROI in big image viewer. GitHub/PR_16 DONE
    • Will: Shape handling. If shape is too big, do not try to add thumbnail preview to the table.
    • Chris: There are some issues in insight with drawing big ROIs on scaled image, when you zoom in ROI does't change with the scope.
    • Will: There is a bug in IE for location in text in labels. It doesn't even show them.
    • Scott: Which bugs will be fixed?
    • Chris: IE only. Only thing which is left for test is big image ROI for different shape types. Nothing else.
  2. PanoJS
    • Chris: we need to discuss how we want to fix IE bugs in panoJS plugin. It was tested with IE 8. Mostly related to bird-eye view.
    • Ola and Scott will look at older versions of OMERO.web to figure out what is failing in IE 8.
  3. #6806 Web SPW Phase II. GitHub/PR_19 any comments? Chris: Could you separate commits for gateway and web changes. They shouldn't come together. Ola will split 3653406 and put them in new PR.
  4. #7094 Django update
  5. #7189 Static files handling.
    • Ola: Briefly, I went through the release notes. I need to spend about a working day to investigate that new feature. I will try to give the output this week. Are we going to use static template tag?
    • Will: We still hardcode path to javascript files.
  6. #7173 Templates: Phase I.
    • Will: In django_templates I put new app 'common' and moved there based templates from webcliente. I was trying to work out how to split main frame template to separate header, footer, css, js etc. This will give the possibility to only include needed files. It's more maintainable.
  7. #7095 JavaScript overhaul
    • Chris: review was not fun. This is where we have been the messiest across the entire project. Many versions, not documented well, etc. In #7105 includes list of plugins which should be reviewed. The most telling thing is that we have no doc saying why and where we use it. If we make a more extensive usage of UI and datatable jquery plugin we may not need some of that. Some plugins are not in licenses. JavaScript file header policy missed, not stated what each is for, etc. The worse seams to be webtest because includes unused and evaluated items.
    • Chris and Scott will pick few tickets and come up with the google doc and strategy for each one. #7137 affects code where we use .ajax() (doesn't affect .json).
  8. Others:
    • #7181 Group members - Leaders first.
      • Will: We can't highlight entries on selectbox options.
      • Ola: I would look dipper how to associate widget with that form.
      • Chirs: we might want to figure out what the scope first is.
    • #7194 Delete profile picture,
      • Ola will schedule it in the upcoming sprint
    • #7193 Use of crop functionality
      • Ola will join it with JavaScript overhaul
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