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Attending: Ola, Will


  1. Carlos: OMERO Python Gateway merge, is there everything?
  2. #6752 webgateway caching.
  3. How to rationalize JS libraries #6466 and #6465.


Ola, Will


  1. Status update for Will:

  2. Currently major changes which Carlos might consider to back port goes through email. We might think about different place to store those information.

  3. There is still unused method - listGroups, we need to remove it. Ticket #6826

  4. listChildren/listParents does not link loaded sequence to the root object. We should verify other methods how extra information is linked to the root object. Not linking might be too expensive, especially when people call the same methods many time in the lifetime of the object. The question is if we want to do it or not?

  5. Currently in on Experimenter/Group Wrapper objects we can't call any method which load parent/children because listParents/listChildren is not design to do it. Would be good to come up with some strategy which links are loaded by default, if any how to name and write wrapping method to list it. Example:

    DatasetWrapper.listChildren() - > list of images
    DatasetWrapper.listParents()  - > list projects

    Because children/parents might not work in every context, we could use direct name of linked object then. This could also be related to what _getQueryString is loading, for example:

    ExperimenterWrapper.listGroups()             - > list groups user is member of
    ExperimetnerGroupWrapper.listExperimenters() - > list users assign to the group
    def _getQueryString(self):
    Returns string for building queries, loading Experimenters only. 
    return "select distinct obj from Experimenter as obj left outer join fetch obj.groupExperimenterMap " \
        "as map left outer join fetch map.parent g"
  6. Not available today.

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