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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-08-02


Attending: Chris, Ola, Will


  1. Sprint update.
    • Ola:
      • Reviewed test scenario for data manager left with Andrew #6278.
      • #5676 Multi-selection in Tree
    • Will:
    • Carlos: Backport SPW changes
    • Chris:
      • #6365 exception handling
      • #6387 assert_re and rendering engine preparation
      • #6205 rendering (includes #6100 for Ola).


Carlos, Chris, Ola, Will, Jason


  1. Sprint update.
    • Ola:
      • #6402 Test scenarios were prepared.
      • #5676 will be finished before Monday.
      • On the team meeting we will schedule more details how the testing will look like.
    • Will:
      • Scripting tickets mostly ready to test. Currently, internal testing and bug fixes. Existing test scenario was updated.
      • Figure export require some adjustment like in Insight.
      • Batch Image export to OME-TIFF.
      • OpenAstexViewer displays any image which is volume (more then 1000 z-sections), but only first T and channels. Data is converted to MRC map on-fly, currently not cached. Mostly tested with EMDB submission.
    • Carlos:
      • Started mergin SPW yesterday and is going to push it tomorrow. Email will be sent to everyone.
    • Chris:
      • #6205 current implementation only allows to render full image with saved rendering settings, rendering on-fly will be available afterwords.
      • #6365 currently making safeCallWrapper configurable.
      • #6387 fixing bugs and defining expectations about decorators. We need to be sure the point is not missed. Decides what expectations has to be handled by application, gateway or other levels. For example connection timeout exception could go to gateway.
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