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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-05-17


Attending: Carlos, Chris, Ola, Will, Jason


  1. Backporting process #4772.
    • Carlos is going to push SPW changes to give Ola's the possibility to test it. Is there any ticket for that?
  2. Selenium tests #3829.
  3. Big images update #4001
    • Ola has to clarify how turn on/off big image plugin.
    • #5224 Ola changed the tile dimensions in PanoJS plugin. Needs images for testing.
  4. ROI in web viewer #3988.
    • Needs to be turned of for Big image viewer
  5. OMERO unification.GatewayApi.
    • #5177 To many open files.
    • #5150 Several scripts need Z-range projection
    • #4783 Password saved in log file
    • (multi-)selection in tree and center panels #4697 and #4698 were fixed.
    • #5167 Landing page proxy http://localhost/webclient/PROXY/?group=5&experimenter=4&project=3&dataset=2&image=1:selected building context and redirecting to http://localhost/webclient/userdata/ (internal url http://localhost/webclient/userdata/?experimenter=4&project=3&dataset=2=image=1:selected)
  6. Outstanding Bugs:
    • getThumbnail failing when owner hasn't generated any thumbnail. #3776 should be fix it soon.


Carlos, Chris, Ola, Will, Jason


  1. Carlos pushed SPW changes to the develop last Thursday.
    • Currently well browser is broken. Ola is going to review what needs to be done in order to fix the unexpected bugs, e.g.PlateWrapper #5230
    • Ola and Carlos needs to discuss about JavaScript helpers.
  2. No update. This point will be removed to the new section called 'outstanding issues'
  3. We need some data in order to test big images where tile dimensions are no longer square #5224. We could possibly ask Melissa to generate one sample.
    • #5331 Big image viewer in both clients should initialize with the same settings across clients.
  4. unification:
    • #5177 Josh asked if it could be deeply investigated in order to eliminate any framework's problems. Carlos thinks, that comes down to the fact that file handlers are not closed enough fast when tests are running.
    • #5150 we are not going to make it in 4.3
    • #5333 Collaborative tagging in 4.3.1
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