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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-04-12


Attending: Carlos, Chris, Ola, Will


  1. Backporting process #4772 a workflow to coordinate everyone's work.
    • Carlos was making SPW changes in 4.1.custom. He is going to push those changes to give Ola's the possibility to test it. Is there any ticket for that?
  2. Selenium tests #3829.
    • Infrastructure changes for hudson/squig/VMs, Chris mentioned last week. More details?
  3. Big images update #4001
    • API changes
  4. ROI in web viewer #3988.
  5. OMERO unification.GatewayApi.
    • Will sent "Python Blitzgateway API changes, OMERO 4.3." alert to the mailing list about upcoming changes in python gateway.
    • Major tasks before 4.3:
      • Client wrapper constructor has to provide more flexibility #4237
        • Update scripts to use blitz gateway #4376
      • Need to wrap all omero.model objects in BlitzObjectWrapper #4901
      • listParents() should return multiple parents by default #3802
      • rename image.t_count() image.z_count() image.c_count() to image.getSizeT() etc.
  6. Webtest examples:
    • Would be nice to clean this up a bit as a starting point for users to create their own pages
    • E.g: login redirect to webclient login, hooks to add links from webclient
  7. Testing:
    • Metadata sample files pasted on the previous note.
    • Metadata testing, could be possibly done by Scott. Is mostly stable now.
  8. Outstanding Bugs:
    • getThumbnail failing when owner hasn't generated any thumbnail. #3776 should be fix it soon.


Carlos, Chris, Ola, Will


  1. Carlos faced conflict and has to first merge with 4.1_custom. Then he is going to push SPW changes. Is there any ticket for that?
    • Will is going to make additional changes on detele and getObject(-s) methods.
  2. Chris set up Firefox on HOWE and Gretzky (Linux boxes). Ola is going to take a look at the bash scripts and try to run it.
  3. Chris is going to show Ola major changes. Ola is going to upgrade viewer.
  4. No update
  5. Most of the outstanding tickets are assign to Carlos. Will suggested if Carlos could look at them because mostly they will affect his code.
    • Will is working on client wrapper constructor in order to provide more flexibility
  6. isUserConnected offers login redirect already.
  7. No update
  8. No update
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