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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-03-29


Attending: Carlos, Chris, Ola, Will, Jason


  1. Backporting process #4772 a workflow to coordinate everyone's work.

    • Chris created the draft in #4772.
    • New branch for python-gateway
  2. Selenium tests #3829.

    • Infrastructure changes for hudson/squig/VMs, Chris mentioned last week. More details?
    • At this moment we could possible start it on HOWE or GRETZKY. Chris and Josh are going to install X and Firefox. Then we will continue testing.
    • Windows tests.
  3. Big images update #4001

    • Ola tested the latest version of PanoJS 3.
    • Web will only need to update query for tile size and zoom levels
  4. ROI in web viewer #3988.

    • Will was talking to Donald about remaining tickets (transform matrix and masks).
  5. OMERO unification.GatewayApi.

    • Following last week's discussion with Carlos:
    • Find by attribute #4677 uses getObject("Project", ids=None, params=None, attributes=None) E.g. attributes={'name':"proj1"}
    • Other improvements to getObjects() #4758 E.g. getQueryString() for ObjectWrappers, use KNOWN_WRAPPERS etc.
    • Currently removing methods from blitz gateway. #4681, #4773. Work being committed to python-gateway branch. Wiki page for deprecated 4.2 methods Api/BlitzGateway
  6. Outstanding Bugs:

    • getThumbnail failing when owner hasn't generated any thumbnail. #3776 should be fix it soon.


Carlos, Chris, Ola, Will, Jason


  1. Carlos is going to try the policy for the firs time. We will review it accordingly.
  2. No update
  3. Josh is working on the server-side implementation, putted file information methods on RawPixelStore and/or RenderingEngeen. Ola will grab it once is ready to expose to the viewer and upgrade fully PanoJS to ver.3
  4. Will was trying to use Raphael library to handle transformation and mask. Mask creation ticket needs the adjustment and is already assign to Donald. Once is fixed, Will is going to test it and continue.
    • Will is largely done with getObjects method. This was pushed to the separate branch.
    • Carlos is going to push the latest changes
    • Wikipages: we need to expose the transition from 4.2 to 4.3 on the wikipage. Every deprecated method should be listed there.
  5. Chris is going to look on getThumbnail bug soon.
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