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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-03-08


Attending: Carlos, Chris, Jason, Ola, Will


  1. OMERO.webpublic #3769 update.
  2. Batch annotations #4270. Based on HCS and general user feedback, Chris and Carlos are going to discuss API with other developers.
  3. Backport of OMERO.web to 4.1 #4542.
  4. HCS field bug #4466. Fixed.
  5. Selenium tests #3829.
    • Ola run OMERO.web tests on Hudson #2990. supported web browsers installation.
    • Carlos shows pre-import examples. Under investigation.
    • Metadata panel changes #4453.
    • Will is going to organize meeting about metadata panel changes in both clients #4453. We also need to review how much metadata is loaded in right hand panel.
  6. Big images update #4001
    • Ola installed pre-testing version on gretzky
  7. ROI in web viewer #3988
    • Moved various test pages to webtest.
  8. OMERO unification.


Carlos, Chris, Jason, Ola, Will


  1. No update.
  2. No update.
  3. Carlos is used to do check up for webgateway and omero.gateway on the regular bases (aprox. once a week). Webclient and Webadmin should be copy over. Webadmin seems to be a priority. Ola is going to take care about upgrading WebAdmin. She is going to ask Josh about deadline for that.
  4. Fixed
  5. Selenium:
    • At this moment Hudson has problem with running those jobs due to internal error. Josh is going to look at that shortly.
    • At this moment we have no progress on running Selenium tests on Hudson because Mac VM does not exist (is pointing to linux), linux has no web browsers installed on (because there is no X installed), Windows cannot start because of syntax problem.
    • There are also some Changes coming to the infrastructure for hudson/squig/VMs, Chris mentioned last week.
  6. Big images viewer deployed on gretzky. Big image is a file where width or height is greater then 1024. There is possibility to turn on and off channels, apply rendering settings and zoom out by the buttons on right bottom corner (+) (-).
  7. Bug in triggering ROI zoom. Will's going to check it.
  8. OMERO unification.
    • API:
      • Will's been working on object graphs loaded from the server Api/ObjectGraphs and how it should be updated. There is still open question about lazy loading. He was checking various graphs we already load using IQuery. How to define that sorts of requests without using IQuery. IContainer and IMetadata allow loading graphs. Will was trying to look at that the same way as IDelete is done across every objects.
      • Will was also looking on to stateful and stateless services to see how much functionality do we need in order to produce single stateless service used across languages (Java, Python, etc). Were are they created and how they are used in Insight and omero.gateway. The outcome of that is summarized in two tables DeprecationCandidatesStateful.
      • How to handle files, e.g. RawPixelStore - getChunks, etc?
      • Will needs everyone to look at the wikipages. Support needed.
      • We need discussion for next stage. Will is going to arrange meeting.
  9. Other:
    • Carlos was merging dev_4_1_custom and develop (webgateway and omero.gateway only). We should move bigimages and metadata into separate branch, because Carlos need to go though every line and check what was changed. Test changes should never been exposed on develop.
    • Carlos was looking in SPW Wappers and is going to fix listChildren in PlateWrapper object. At this moment it is not enough generic. He is going to add missing functionality to gateway eventually. Carlos is going to tell Ola when is done.
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