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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-03-01


Attending: Carlos, Chris, Jason, Ola, Will


  1. OMERO.webpublic #3769 update.
  2. Batch annotations #4270 update.
  3. Backport of OMERO.web to 4.1 #4542.
  4. HCS field bug #4466.
  5. Selenium tests #3829.
    • Ola run OMERO.web tests on Hudson #2990. Unitetests pass. We need to install supported web browsers on each environment. Syntax problem on widows script. At this moment selenium are failing.
    • Carlos shows pre-import examples. Under investigation.
    • Metadata panel changes #4453. Will is going to create ticket for metadata panel (duplicated id).
  6. Big images update #4001
    • Ola is trying to integrate left hand panel with new viewport #4499.
    • Shrinking edge tiles#4308.
    • Recognizing edge of image #4500
  7. ROI in web viewer #3988
    • Will added ROI table. Interactive list of ROIs. Still matrix and masks require more work. It shows the shapes but no details (x,y coordinates, etc). No more new features at this moment.
  8. OMERO unification.
    • Clients presentation policy document #4023 including first metadata panel UI changes (by Will). Documenting metadata panel, personal website, viewer investigation. Scott is working on the strategy document.
    • Meeting scheduled for Tuesday 28th at 2pm #4278


Carlos, Chris, Jason, Ola, Will


  1. No changes.

  2. Batch annotation is associated with protocol storage support. The input data is often tabular (CSV or XLS file). OmeroTables instance is created by parsing headers locating key referential columns and associated with the target. There are many issues related to that problem and require more investigation. In both OMERO.insight and OMERO.web batch annotations should be displayed alongside. Based on HCS and general user feedback, Chris and Carlos are going to discuss API with other developers.

  3. Ola is going to look how much difficult it is. Webadmin is a priority.

  4. Ola has to check changes made in #4466. She waits for more details about tiling in order to move forward.

  5. We need to install supported web browsers on each environment. Chris and Ola will try to run selenium against movie machine. Will is going to organize meeting about metadata panel changes in both clients #4453. We also need to review how much metadata is loaded in right hand panel.

  6. Ola currently works on #4499

  7. Roi - no more new features at this moment.

  8. The goal is to move as much logic as possible server-side. Making stateless methods in order to handle current stateful functionality. Native object functionality. Graph support. More details in GatewayApi

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