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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-02-08


Attending: Carlos, Chris, Jason, Ola, Will


  1. OMERO.webpublic #3769 update.
    • Chris was going to check what actions are needed to make adjustment in order to processing annotations in better way.
    • Fixing problems with rendering def. #3776 Collaborative group broken thumbnails. Chris was going to put more in depth plan how to re-factor calling rendering engine in webgateway, in order to support caching and collaborative context. Promoting some private methods in Rendering engine (Ticket ???)
  2. Selenium tests #3829.
    • Selenium test should cover only stable peace of application. Webadmin could be tested as first, because there are no planned changes. We are going to confirm priorities this week.
    • Tried to test remove experimenter from group, but problems with full workflow (see e-mail 3rd Feb)
    • Looked at testing webclient metadata page, but page probably needs more work first. Also couldn't import image in test.
  3. Big images update #4001
    • Ola implemented fake mechanism in order to simulate tailing and was playing with viewer. We met on Tuesday morning to learn from the source code how current viewer works and how we possible modify it. Ola shows sample demo.
    • Ola will talk to J-M how about his strategy for the Insight viewer.
  4. ROI in web viewer #3988
    • Code committed to add ROI viewing to image-viewer. Turn ROIs on, click on shapes to see ROI in table. How much more before we get feedback or release?
    • Compatibility with measurement tool. Future: ROI editing limitations/strategy?
  5. OMERO client reconciliation-- what's the role of this team?
    • Ola responded to Scott while he's been away. It is also important to prioritize that task, in order to distinguish trivial and large scale modifications. We are going to make that list on Thursday.
    • API unification - Java vv Python API. Meeting??
    • blitzcon vv 'plain' connection - Docs, Scripting service etc.


Carlos, Chris, Jason, Ola, Will


  1. OMERO.webpublic:
    • Chris created requirement in #4270. Exploration required.
    • There are two tickets under the story #3776. At this moment Chris is focused on other tasks. This will be scheduled later in time.
  2. Will started writing Selenium tests from managing users and groups in Webadmin. This failed down on editing user, because he couldn't get experimenter ID. Carlos is going to help with this and shows examples. Will was also trying to to write tests against meta-data panel. He faced problem with pre-importing images in order to test them. Carlos is going to show how to do it, by calling "import url".
  3. Ola presented how potentially viewer could be changed in order to support Big images. List of final tasks were verified and will be converted to tickets:
    • iteration 6:
      • launch viewer (pass bigimage_flag to the viewer,in order to initialize tiling; public method to initialize image or tiles in viewport; LIMITATION: only 100%)
      • tiling (draw empty tiles; redraw tiles while panning)
      • moving and resizing window (reorder empty tiles)
      • rendering tails (trigger rendering tile_images; url in webgateway including position and tile size (x,y,width,height,zoom) separate; extention to webgateway url parser; omero.gateway method in order to support API and Unit/Integration tests)
    • iteration 7:
      • tiles while zooming
      • rendering thumbnail (bird's-eye view feature)
    • possible improvement:
      • zoom anchor
      • double click - step zooming
      • split view
      • projection
  4. Will added extra Div in viewport where ROI's are drawn. He currently implemented ROI's loader based on the methods in webfigure. Data are loaded as JSON, then displayed. Actual functionality (like calculating Max, Min intensity values, etc.) are implemented in Java client. That could be pushed to the server side, then web could benefit from that.
  5. Unification:
    • Client unification: Ola and Scott are going to finalize the "client unification" document. She also prepare screenshots. Meeting will be scheduled next week in order to discuss is with Jean-Marie and Will.
    • API and connection object: There are many ways of creating and handling omero connection and dealing with services at this moment. We also have to decide what we want to do about the API for Python & Java client libraries. Meeting scheduled for Tuesday 15th at 9.30 am
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