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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-01-24


Attending: Carlos, Chris, Jason, Ola, Will, Scott


  1. #3649
    • Ola needs to finish listAnnotations. getAnnotation. Will be done in current iteration.
    • Constant variables needs to go to omero/gateway/
  2. OMERO.webpublic #3769 update (Chris)
  3. Will continues to work on #3829 selenium tests for web apps.
  4. Upcoming problems:
    • 2011-01-25 UI review meeting
    • Big images.
    • Tree improvement
    • ROI drawn on image by Flot - JavaScript library
    • Public space, landing page
    • Application goals-- exposing server functionality


Carlos, Chris, Jason, Ola, Will, Scott


  1. #3829 Selenium tests start up.
    • Instruction how to start the selenium tests is in the ticket #3299. When is solid we could possibly move it to the
    • Will is not happy with the way he has to run them, by copying them to the right location in build.
    • Selenium should be run against every servers (not localhost) and cross web browsers. Ideally, Selenium clients should be run on hudson against servers installed different VM's (OS's).
  2. #3776 Collaborative group broken thumbnails.
    • Chris is going to put more in depth plan how to re-factor calling rendering engine in webgateway, in order to support caching and collaborative context.
    • Above action also requires promoting some private methods in Rendering engine (Ticket ???)
  3. New features, goals:
    • Big images needs to be tackle very soon, because of changes on the server. It also requires testing how tiling should look like, image should be rendered and loaded, etc. (Ola)
    • Landing page is currently under the investigation of the basic implementation. (Chris)
    • Publication. This is very wild and open problem. Short term goal is to match the knowing requirements. Scott is going to ask external collaborators and scientists about possible use cases in order to define public fixed templates. We could also document an easy way of customising those templates (gallery, image, plate, collections, etc.). (Scott)
    • ROI is a missed feature in web viewer. It is critical to present in a sensible and simple way ROIs on the image. (Will)
  4. HOW TO BREAK CODE IN TRUNK to not frustrate others ;-)
    • If new method has to be implemented then discuss it with others.
    • If existing method has to be changed use: 'git flow feature publish' and contact others to be sure everyone know about big change.
    • If the change is minor or you want to make a quick fix, generate patch and push it to others.
    • The minor and major fixes can be pushed to trunk if all tests pass.
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