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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-01-17


Attending: Jason, Carlos, Will, Ola


  • Continue to discuss ongoing short terms issues on #3297.
    • Ola & Will tested Carlos's changesets. No bugs found at that moment, except Rendering issue (known) #3798.
    • Will, Carlos and Ola reviewed selected tickets in #3649 including naming convention. Will and Ola are working now on #3658, #3650.
    • omero.gateway.constants ? Common string parameters could be defined as constant variables and stored in one file.
    • queries: Always 'order by name' or 'order by id' ?
  • Will was playing with selenium tests for web apps. Currently selenium bug is blocking progress #3829.
  • Big images.
  • UI web improvement #3715


Carlos, Jason, Ola, Will


  1. Will and Ola continue to work on #3658, #3650.
  2. Constant variables needs to go to omero/gateway/
  3. Query should not include "order by" unless is needed. If necessary "order" should be optional.
  4. Will is going to deal with #3829 and start selenium tests from webadmin pages and image metadata.
  5. Big images:
    • API is in place but not complete, for example: getting image in slices only return full image.
    • Everyone needs to follow the changes and being involved in making decisions, discussions, etc.
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