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You are here: Home Community Minutes Mini Group meetings Web client meetings 2011 2011-01-10


Attending: Jason, Carlos, Will, Jean-Marie, Ola, Scott


Discuss ongoing short terms issues on #3297.


Carlos, Jason, Jean-Marie, Ola, Scott, Will


  1. Carlos confirmed his commits: r8877, r8628, r8629

  2. Ola: currently re-factoring and trying to optimize the #3658

  3. Will: finished documentation, highlighting unused/unclear methods in (selected stories under Requirement #3297.The outcome will be discussed and re-factored/optimized in the next step.

    • Jason: Final resolution - email to ome-devel.
  4. J-M: Long term idea is to clarify the strategy of API/source code/clients unification. When merging is done we need to look on the data management methods to be sure developers writing clients source code are on the same page in order to avoid future mismatches. In 4.3 at least we need to define strategy how we want to solve it.

  5. TODO:

    • Ola will test Carlos's changesets, in order to fix unknown bugs.
    • Client unification:
      • back end - Will, Carlos and Ola will review selected tickets in #3649 including naming convention. First meeting Monday 10th Jan 3pm. When this action is done Will is going to send an email to ome-devel about changes in The outcome of this task is Wiki page defining policies.
      • front end - Scott is reviewing how the data is presented in client applications. Every clients must present the same data coming from the OMERO database. The outcome of this task could possible be a Wiki page defining policies.
    • Ola prepares agenda for the forthcoming web meetings including ongoing tickets. Agenda has to be complied before Monday.
    • Will is going to try to write selenium test to cover test scenario for web applications #3299.
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